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Sub Categories For Badges

Badges are an interesting creation because while they are not used on a day to day basis, they are still used by people for a range of purposes and functions. Whether you are collecting badges or want to put them on someone, finding a choice of your badge will not be a problem at Giftwrap. The company offers five main types of badges namely the Button Badge, Conference Badge Holder, Flag Badges, Name Badges and Ribbon Badges. In the Button Badges, you can find the Awareness Ribbon, the 25 mm Badge, the 37 mm badge, the Cell Phone Charm, only to name a few. Moreover, in the Name Badges, you can find the Contractor Badges, the Custom Name Badges and the Gold Badge With Magnet or Pin. With so much variety, you can easily find a badge for the purpose you want it for. In a nutshell, Giftwrap is a leading name when it comes to badges, given the variety and types of badges it offers.

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